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Watch the BBC's documentary 2016 • The World's Biggest Flower Market

This video produced by the BBC will show you how the three most important flowers in England; rose, lily and tulip find their way from grower to customer. Starring Janssen Flowers among many others. Just 5 minutes and 30 seconds in Robert makes his first appearance.

Janssen Flowers

Flowerexport at its best!

We’re a family business established since 1985. What started of with one lorry, now it has grown into a company with three refrigderated artics supllying over 140 florists in the south of England. Weekly we are delivering fresh cut flowers and pot plants to our costumers. Our target is to provide good quality products for a reasonable price.

We are based on the auction Flora Holland in Rijnsburg and we are buying on the three main flower auctions of Holland. Since 2010 Janssen Flowerexport is certificated with the MPS Florimark Good Trade Practice. And we are the first `Flying Dutchman`in the U.K. with this quality label, which means we can guarantee our customers quality products.


Florimark Good Trade Practice (GTP)

What is Florimark GTP?

The Florimark GTP scheme is an important part of MPS-Florimark Trade. Florimark GTP sets requirements in the areas of freshness, initial checks, storage, stock management, distribution and traceability of purchased flowers and plants in the trading channel. These similar to the requirements set for Florimark TraceCert, but at a higher high level. Additional requirements apply in the case of Florimark GTP, relating to social aspects, the environment and collaboration in the chain.

Certification scheme for floral distributors

Recently MPS has developed the certificate Florimark Good Trade Practice (GTP) Lijnrijders. This is a quality label especially developed for floral distributors. In order to obtain the Florimark GTP Lijnrijders certificate, floral distributors have to describe their work processes, covering the following important areas:

  • The quality of the product and the way in which the product is handled during the delivery process. The following items are covered: freshness, acceptance check, storage, stock management and traceability;
  • Cooperation within the supply chain, especially related to the relationship with customers and suppliers. This concerns topics such as complaint handling and customer satisfaction surveys;
  • Internal organisation, including staff management, environmental policy and improvement management.

Benefits for the florist

For the florist, the process mentioned above means increased security. Florists who buy flowers and plants from certified floral distributors can be sure that those companies are well-structured and that the products they sell are traceable. Being able to buy traceable products simplifies the certification process for florist shops itself enormously and will strengthen their market position as a result.